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Pizhichil – Nerve and Spine care

An indulgent, rejuvenating experience, during which lukewarm herbal oils anoint the entire body. The anointment is very slow and rhythmic with light pressure. Pizhichil strengthens immunity, lubricates the joints, liquefies toxins and increases flexibility.

Health Benefits of Pizhichil:

Pizhichil actually helps in initiating diaphoresis (heavy sweating) and hence is highly effective in:

  • Rheumatic diseases,

  • Arthritis,

  • Paralysis,

  • Hemiplegia,

  • Paralysis-agitans (parkinson's disease),

  • Sexual weakness,

  • Nervous weakness,

  • Nervous disorders etc.

  • Pizhichil relieves body pain and muscle spasms,

  • This helps in the healing of fractured bones,

  • This increases immunity and prolongs lifespan,

  • It promotes development of muscles,

  • This improves skin complexion,

  • It has anti aging properties,

  • This improves blood circulation,

  • It helps in diabetes, hypertension, effective in asthma and even in tuberculosis in early stages,

  • The therapy is soothing and relaxing,

  • Pizhichil helps preserve and promote optimum health,

  • This therapy is very rejuvenating, and

  • It alleviates burning sensation in the body.

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