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Ojas Rejuvenation Programme

The term “Rejuvenation” – means “reversing the aging process” and this program aims exactly at that. Since ages, Humans have always wondered about and made enormous efforts to discover the secret of youth. This program includes treatments using herbal oils and medicines, which revitalizes and detoxifies your body thus purifying you and making you feel completely rejuvenated. This Ayurveda therapy slows down the aging process. It will prolong life span, improve memory, strengthen sense organs, maintain perfect health, youthfulness and increased physical endurance.

For Whom?

This programme prescribed for  the individual who want to achieve  longevity, memory, intellect, youth, excellent complexion,positive health, voice, strength of sensory and motor organs. Main aim of this therapy is to maintain the youthness of the individual along with the maintaining of his long life.

Programme includes:

  • Consultation with Ojas Wellness Doctor – 1 session

  • Swedish Massage- 1 session

  • Pizhichal – Nerve and Spine Care- 1 session

  • Indian Head Massage- 1 session

  • Yuro Vasti – Chest and Respiratory care – 1 session

  • Deep Tissue Massage- 1 session

  • Personalized  Sea front yoga - 1 session

  • Hand  and Foot Reflexology – 1 session

  • Shirodhara- 1 session

  • Marma vital Energy Point Massage- 1 sesion

  • Nabhi Abhyangam Basti- 1 session

  • Thai yoga Massage- 1 session

  • Island Cooler- 1 session

  • Mukalepam – Organic Facial – 1 session

  • Invigroating salt Scrub – 1 session

  • Nutritional and lifestyle plan- 1 session

  • Take Home Personalized Yoga plan – 1 session

  • Follow up Consultation- 1 session

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