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Ojas Zero Stress Programme

Our greatest hope for this program is that it will help you to find yours!

Today’s modern world holds many pressures. Constant sensory overload means that we never truly “switch off.” Our nervous systems are constantly in “fight or flight” mode and never get to restore in a “rest and digest” state.With in Ojas’s healing environment, you will get this much-needed “time out” to mentally detox from modern living.Our Zero-stress Program gives you tools for long-term change, helping you to regain balance, health and wellbeing. We look forward to welcoming you here!


For Whom?

The De-stress Program is suitable for anyone needing to restore their body-mind-spirit after an acute, and/ or chronic, period of stress or ill health. It is also suitable for those simply wishing to take time out to nurture themselves.


Programme  Includes:

  • Consultation with Ojas Wellness Doctor – 1 session

  • Shirodhara- 2 sessions

  • Dosha Specific Sareera Abhyanga – 1 session

  • Chavutti Thirumal Massage-1 session

  • Mindfulness Meditation-1 session

  • Deep Tissue Massage-1 session

  • Personalized Sea front yoga -2 sessions

  • Hand  and Foot Reflexology -1 session

  • Acupuncture- 1 session

  • Nabhi Abhyangam Basti- 1 sesion

  • Thai yoga Massage- 1 session

  • Shiatsu- 1 session

  • Island cooler – 1 session

  • Nutritional and lifestyle plan- 1 session

  • Take home Personalized Yoga plan – 1 session

  • Follow up Consultation- 1 session

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