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Ojas Cleansing Programme

When the body-mind is experiencing daily stress from work, relationships, financial struggle, or aggressive dieting, there is often digestive distress and constriction, which prevents toxins from flowing out of the body,In order to detoxify safely and effectively, the body and mind must be relaxed, and the channels of digestion and elimination flowing with ease.”

To ease the internal process, you’ll eat easily digestible foods during the cleanse, so your body can put more energy toward eliminating toxins,. Our program, the cleanse is enough to strengthen the digestive fire and purify the mind without going so deep that it’s necessary to have a personal wellness Ayurvedic practitioner oversee the process. And though Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle recommendations can be specific to your dominant dosha—your unique physical and mental constitution that influences your well-being


For Whom:

Are you looking for a mind-body reset now or aiming to prevent future health woes, try our Ojas Detox  cleanse. “It’s practical, safe, and effective,” Carlson says. The nourishing diet, self-care routines, and yoga practices offer an enjoyable whole-body approach to cleansing


Programme Includes :

  • Consultation with Ojas Wellness Doctor – 1 session

  • Udvarthan – Herbal powder Detox Massage- 2 session

  • Pizhichal – Nerve and Spine Care- 1 session

  • Indian Head Massage- 1 sesion

  • Jala Neti- 1 session

  • Deep Tissue Massage- 1 session

  • Personalized Sea front yoga-1  session

  • Hand  and Foot Reflexology- 1 session

  • Shirodhara- 1 session

  • Lava  Hot stone massage- 1 session

  • Nabhi Abhyangam Basti- 1 session

  • Thai yoga Massage- 1 session

  • Pada Hastha Abhyanga – 1 session

  • Chakra  Cleansing- 1 session

  • Neem Leaf  Facial – 1 session

  • Detoxifying  salt Scrub – 1 session

  • 1*Nutritional and lifestyle plan

  • 1*Personalized Yoga plan

  • 1*Follow up Consultation

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