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Nasyam – Sinus cleansing therapy

Instillation of medicated oil into the nostrils after massaging and inducing sweating to the upper portion of the body from the shoulders. During this process the areas around the nose, neck and shoulders are massaged continuously. This treatment is highly effective for cleansing of sinuses and treating migraines, chronic colds, headaches and chest congestion.

Importance of nasya karma

  • Best method to eliminate vitiated doshas from head region.

  • Procedure which directly influence the sense organs.

  • Better chance of absorption through blood vessels.

  • This gives nourishing, pacifying and purifying effects according to the type of nasya.etc.

Benefits of nasya karma

  • Enhance the activity of sense organs

  • Act as preventive therapy against diseases of head region.

  • Prevent early aging process

  • Ensures proper and healthy growth of hair.

  • Highly effective of ophthalmic diseases,different kind of headaches,paralysis,mental diseases,neurological diseases,premature graying of hairs etc.

  • It help to relieve stress and emotional imbalance

  • It can be used as preventive therapy,curative therapy or rejuvenation therapy.

  • It also applicable in healthy persons for keeping up the power of Sense organs in head and to stimulate central nervous system.

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