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New You weight Reduction Programme

The New You Weight Reduction Program at Ojas Spa has beendeveloped through years of Clinical experience. We do not believe in making promises of speedy, effortless weight loss that are at best temporary and at worst destructive to your health. Here at Ojas Spa, we believe in long-term change. Our Weight Reduction Program is designed to assist you in your transition to a healthy lifestyle bringing with it the rewards of greater health and wellbeing.

For Whom?

The Weight Loss Program is suitable for anyone needing to lose excess weight, from a few pounds to tens of kilos. The program is also suitable for those wishing to re-set the dials and get back into good habits and healthy living after a period of over indulgence, lack of exercise or sedentary living. All who sincerely wish to make positive changes in their life can fully benefit from this program that inspires healthy eating and vibrant living.


 Programme includes 

  • Consultation with Ojas Wellness Doctor – 1 session

  • Udvarthan – Herbal Powder Detox Masage – 1 session

  • Deep tissue Massage- 1 session

  • Lava Hot stone Massage- 1 session

  • Grounding salt scrub – 1 sesion

  • Hot Poultice herb Massage -1 session

  • Personalized Sea front yoga - 1 session

  • Marma vital Energy Point Massage- 1 session

  • sareera Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Four Hand Massage – 1 session

  • JalaNeti – 1 session

  • Nabhi Abhyangam Basti- 1 session

  • Shiatsu- 1 session

  • Pada Hastha Abhyanga – 1 session

  • Shirodhara- 1 session

  • Anti – Defying Neem leaf body wrap – 1 session

  • Nutritional and lifestyle plan- 1 session

  • Take Home Personalized Yoga plan – 1 session

  • Follow up Consultation- 1 session

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